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Missouri Girls Town’s Patron’s Breakfast Event

By Inside Columbia

The community gathered for the very first Patron’s Breakfast Event at the Elk Park Event Center. The goal was to share the MissouriGirls Town Foundation’s message with new supporters and to inspire others. The event was a success, drawing a crowd of approximately 100attendees.

Date: April 24
Location: Elk Park Event Center
Photos by: Nancy Toalson and Wally Pfeffer,

dsc 2296
Jami Clevenger, Orie Hemme, Syreta Toson
dsc 2292 1
John Shrum and Cord Harper
dsc 2293
Cassie Edwards and Candice Fields
dsc 2308
Kip Kendrick Jaclyn Rogers
dsc 2297
Lynn Lymbach and Les Borgmeyer
dsc 2311
Trent Rash and David Hall
dsc 2313
Deanna Barger

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