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Stephanie Boltz’s Retirement Party

By Zola Heck

The staff of ZimmerCommunications celebrated the retirement of Stephanie Boltz and her more than 17 years serving the company as the director of first impressions. Her dedication and hard work were honored with a night of good food, drinks, laughs and quite a few tears.

Date: April 30
Location: Zimmer Communications
Photos by: L.G. Patterson

zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Zimmer Communications Staff
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Carla Leible
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Stephanie Boltz, Brian Kirmse, Scotty Cox
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Madelyn Jones and Stephanie Boltz
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Stephanie Boltz and Branden Rathert
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Betsy Nichols and Stephanie Boltz
zimmer stephanie’s retirement
Robby Lewis, Stephanie Boltz, Kalie Kramel, Tim Taylor, Chris Beyer, Shelly Scrivner, Erin Hart

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