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Best of Columbia 2024: Doug Perry Towing

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For three generations, Doug Perry Towing has shown dedication, honesty and reliability to the Columbia community, helping those who need it by going the extra mile. The company began in 1980 with one truck. Forty-four years later, it has grown to owning an entire fleet to make sure they provide the best services when needed.“

We have compassion and the will to help others,” says Ashley Perry, co-owner of Doug Perry Towing. “‘Above and beyond’ happens often, because it really is the little things sometimes. We don’t charge extra on nights, holidays or weekends.”

The company works from a foundation of teamwork and safety, so customers have peace of mind and the knowledge they need. As Gold winners in Best ofColumbia for Best Towing Company for the second year in a row, they believeColumbia knows the value of supporting small businesses in the community.“

Winning BOC shows that the community we strive so hard to help has faith and trust in what we do,” Perry says. “It showcases our broad and loyal customer base. We would like to thank the Columbia community for all the votes; they are truly appreciated!”

The team at Doug Perry Towing plans on continuing to give back to the community long into the future. As Perry stays active in the Missouri Tow Truck Association, the local chapter of Business Network International and the Chamber of Commerce, she states, “We want nothing more than to provide excellent service in a timely manner for years to come.

Doug Perry Towing
2803 N. Creasy Springs Road

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