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Best of Columbia 2024: Mutrux Automotive

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For Cindy Mutrux, the part owner of Mutrux Automotive, winning in multiple categories for Best of Columbia means more than just an award.“ It honestly feels like we just won an Emmy,” she says. “As small business owners sometimes we wonder, are we doing enough? Have we served and represented our community well?” Well, it’s safe to say the community has answered those questions as Mutrux Automotive won Gold for Best Auto Repair, Gold for Best Customer Service and Bronze for Best Place to Work.

As lifelong residents of Columbia, Ross and Cindy Mutrux are deeply invested in serving their hometown. “It has always been important to us to serve our community and try to make a difference for improvement.” Having the best team to provide the work is what keeps the business afloat. “Our employees are much more than just employees; they are our family. They are the faces of our business. They are the right and left hand of our business.Without these dedicated special people, our business would not be where it is today,” Cindy says.

At Mutrux Automotive, they believe success goes beyond vehicle repairs and customer service. It’s about making a difference in the community, one act of kindness at a time.

No matter if you are a customer or an employee, at Mutrux you are one thing, a part of the family. “We could not have done any of this without loyal customers. You truly are like our family.

Mutrux Automotive
2100 W. Rollins Road

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