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Boone County Historical Society Marks 100 Years With Popsicle Fest

By Jordan Durham
model of downtown columbia in 70s

Photo by L.G. Patterson

What: Popsicle Fest — A Celebration of 100 Years of Boone County History!
Where: Boone County History & Culture Center
When: Saturday, July 13, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Cost: Free

This year marks a century of the Boone County Historical Society curating and celebrating Boone County history. To commemorate the occasion, the society is pairing with another centennial anniversary — the patent for what became known as the popsicle.

On Saturday, July 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Boone County Historical Society will host Popsicle Fest, a free event for the community that will include one free popsicle per attendee, food trucks, plein air artists, craft vendors, artists and more.

“The community as a whole, over 100 years, five generations and counting, has thought enough of the importance of this historical society that’s kept it going,” says Executive Director Chris Campbell.

Mayor Barbara Buffaloe and Boone County Presiding Commissioner Kip Kendrick will present proclamations and give some remarks. MO SOUL Collective, Ironweed, and Ty Toomsen and the Twang City Smokers will be performing during the event as well. The society is also making outlines of art pieces in their centennial art exhibit that represent the last 100 years of art in Boone County. Children can take outlines, color them in and then compare them to the original artwork when finished.

Also on display is their exhibit titled “100 Years, 100 Objects.” It includes a Model T and covered wagon that individuals will be able to visit. The leg braces worn by Jane Froman, an American actress, singer and Boone County resident, after surviving a plane crash in World War II will also be on display.

“There are things we can’t imagine right now that I’m sure will be on display 100 years from now,” Campbell says. “And I hope the organization has a 200-year anniversary in 100 years.”

The Popsicle Fest will conclude with an announcement of the Boone-Anza Treasure Hunt that will take participants to destinations around Boone County. However, the adult scavenger hunt, consisting of 10 to 12 clues, will not be quick or easy. In fact, Campbell expects the hunt to last into August, as the winner will receive the prize of $32,000 worth of diamonds and gemstones donated by Buchroeders Jewelers.

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