2021 Cutest Pet Winners

For the second year, we went searching for the most adorable animals in Columbia. We received entries in the form of dozens of dogs, a cache of cats and a passel of pets to populate our unique pet

Cutest Pet Contest

It’s no secret that everyone thinks their pet is the cutest ever. But, real talent is winning a city-wide pet contest. After combing through more than 400 entries on Facebook, we selected 34 finalists for Columbia’s Cutest Pet Contest: 10 small dogs, 10 large dogs, 10 cats and 4 unique pets. 2,200 votes later, here […]

How much do you know about the Academy Awards?

The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, March 4th! Are you well-acquainted with this iconic show? Let’s find out!

How Well Do You Know CoMo?

Because of the generosity of the people in Mid-Missouri, Columbia has no shortage of nonprofit organizations and charitable institutional projects! But, how familiar are YOU with them? Take our quick quiz to see if you can identify a few of these organizations that Coil Construction has had the honor of working with. You just may […]