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Being Fashionably Fit

Today’s fitness apparel is a far cry from the basic sweats of yesteryear. Sleek, chic, wearable and durable, it features lightweight high-tech materials and thoughtful details. Model Nancy Allison reveals how to be adventuresome while at the same time wearing clothing that’s durable and stylish. Whether you’re hiking, biking or working out with weights, you […]

Choreographed Lives

Marie Robertson and her twin sister, Maggie Dethrow, are dancing their way through life — with grace and style. Dance is how they’ve made their living. Dance connects them to hundreds of Columbia’s children and adults. And dance is a love they’ve shared since they were girls, growing up together in Newport, Rhode Island. The […]

Chef’s Choice

When you go out to a restaurant, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chef Kory Yoo, who owns Geisha Sushi Bar and I’M Sushi & Grill, and Chef Frances Harvey, co-owner of Fujiko Izakaya, share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the […]

Honoring Heroes

For many people, volunteering their time in service of others is a hobby, a way to give back to their community. However, there are a rare few for whom volunteering in service of others isn’t just a hobby — it’s a way of life. Susan Haines is one of those people, having made her mark […]

These Roots Run Deep

If you were out and about in Columbia and overheard a conversation, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear someone talking about their mid-Missouri roots. Mary Daugherty could be one of those people. Her roots, however, run deeper than most. And that’s not just a figure of speech. For some, gardening is a hobby. For […]

A Roaring Success

There’s no shortage of tigers around Columbia — particularly on a football Saturday — but perhaps none are as unique as the tiger statues created through the collaborative efforts of Tigers on the Prowl, a local 501C3 charity, and the Columbia art community. Chuck Crews is the founder and the man behind Tigers on the […]

A Petite Powerhouse

When you consider what type of dog protects Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey at home, you’d probably guess a loud-barking, attack dog. And you’d be right. But Buster, Carey’s four-year-old pet weighs only 10 pounds. “He thinks he is ferocious, even though he is only 10 pounds,” Carey explains. “This makes him a fabulous residential […]

Chef’s Choice

When you go out to a restaurant, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chefs Mark Sulltrop with 44 Stone and 44 Canteen and Amanda Elliott with Beet Box share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the success of the dish. Mark Sulltrop […]

Step Into Style and Back In Time

Like a movie-set built for a 1940s Hollywood film, the Chatol House and Gardens (pronounced Sha-tall) in Centralia preserves the look and feel of another era. Guests passing through its doors find themselves stepping back to a time when movie screens were lit with scenes of glamour and elegance. Unlike the Hollywood fantasies, The Chatol […]

Cute Cuts

Now that you’ve turned 50, do you find yourself questioning what hairstyle you can pull off? We’ve found there’s no limit to the looks women can pull off. And when it comes to short hairstyles, try mixing it up and experimenting with fun new looks that will suit you. Stacey Dexter, owner and stylist at […]

Asking the Hard Questions

So, you’re considering retirement or have very recently retired. Naturally, you begin to wonder where your paycheck will come from each month now that you are no longer employed. A close friend suggests an annuity, while another says you should never put your money there. Who’s right? Is an annuity a good choice for your […]

Motorcycle Mamas

Romana Mack is Roaring Ahead A Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 weighs 591 pounds. Romana Mack does not. Although she is in no way intimidated by her Harley, she takes a cautious, commonsense approach to riding. After all, she’s not one of those people who were born to be wild. It wasn’t until she was approaching […]

Saddlebred Supporter

It could be said that Anna Marie Knipp is a horse-tradin’, horse-ridin’, cart-pullin’ pony driver. But among the upper echelons of American Saddlebred enthusiasts, Knipp is better known as a sophisticated equine breeder, businesswoman and competitor. As owner of High Spirits Farm, just south of Columbia, she continues a longtime Boone County tradition of breeding […]

Spot On

For many people, volunteering or providing service to others is a noble, if occasional, undertaking. For a much smaller group, however, volunteering and providing service to others is more than an undertaking — it’s a way of life. Long-time Columbia resident Barb Melson is one such person. Melson, who grew up in Centralia, moved to […]

Sportscaster’s Companion

Rod Smith has been covering sports in mid-Missouri for three decades. It’s no wonder that his Yorkie, Rylee, is athletic. “She has a talent for playing with balloons,” Smith says. “And she used to be a very good jumper.” Rylee is nearly 14 years old and isn’t as athletic as she once was. “She joined […]

Chef’s Choice

When you go out to a restaurant, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chefs Mike Pratt with The Quarry and Chris McDonnell with Chris McD’s share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the success of the dish. Mike Pratt Chef/Owner of The […]

Fulton Getaway

Fifty years ago, as most Baby Boomers were rocking to “Get Back,” the Beatles’ latest No. 1 hit, another British invasion was being celebrated in the central Missouri community of Fulton. That’s where the doors had just opened on the Winston Churchill Memorial at Westminster College, 23 years after one of the 20th century’s most […]

It’s Time to Travel

Take off to your favorite destination in style this summer. Model Tonya Christensen is ready for fun in the sun with these pieces that will help you look cool and comfortable. Not sure what to pack? Picking basic pieces helps you create multiple outfits for different vacation options. Here’s a tip: consider packing five shirts, […]

Colorful Creations

Everything about Cindy Lou’s Glass Studio goes toward making fused-glass art a fun and fulfilling experience. First, there’s the unlikely setting — a gas station, complete with gas pumps, a tall Sinclair dinosaur sign, reception area and service bays. Mondays through Fridays, mechanics push aside Cindy Mutrux’s glass fusing tools and work on cars and […]

Heading for the Highways

Several times each year, Scott Robinson packs enough clothes for a week, kisses his wife Cindi goodbye, jumps onto his Harley Davidson, then heads for the highways that crisscross the country. Unlike the stereotypical Harley Davidson rider, Robinson, a retired orthodontist, is neither loud, boastful nor covered with age-faded tattoos. He’s low key and laid […]