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Maria Seiffert and the Bee's Knees

Enjoy A Homegrown Twist To A Classic Cocktail

Photos by L.G. Patterson The Bee’s Knees is a cocktail that’s special to me right now because it uses hyper local ingredients and embodies what we are trying to do at Ozark Mountain Biscuit & Bar with the bar program. We think it is important to honor the classics while innovating and experimenting with new […]

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Use Green Chartreuse to Craft a Temptingly Tart Treat

Photos by L.G. Patterson When it came to green chartreuse, I absolutely hated it when I first started working at Günter Hans. The flavors were all wrong and unfamiliar to my whiskey and beer-loving self. If I were to drink a cocktail, it would have only been an old-fashioned or a whiskey sour. Then, one […]

Healthy cocktails

The Best Ways to Add Nutrients to Your Favorite Indulgences

Photos by L.G. Patterson Healthy drinking — it’s hard to think the two can be talked about together because alcohol is toxic no matter how you use it, but there are ways to incorporate nutrients while enjoying an adult beverage. Alcohol in any form is going to be a toxin to your body. If you […]

The Bully Fruit Gang

The Surprising Taste of The B.F.G.

Photos by L.G. Patterson While riding in an Uber on my way to work, I began to think about how cumin and bell pepper marry together in food so well, and how that may work in a cocktail. My first attempt didn’t really pan out — the use of mezcal mixed with cumin seed resulted in […]

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The Unique and Rich Experience of Hamilton’s Envy

Photos by L.G. Patterson A love story dedicated to the bitter and strong flavors of Jamaican pimento dram, this allspice and pepper-forward drink can be best enjoyed year-round, as the balanced and intricate flavors make it perfect for any occasion.  A moderate citrus tang with smoked Demerara syrup combine to satisfy your palette, while the romantic […]

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Warm and Smoky

Photos by L.G. Patterson The Old Weinsburg is a rich, stirred boozy cocktail with lots of complex sweet, spicy layers and just a hint of smokiness. It’s perfect for sipping on a chilly fall/winter evening. This drink is a fun variation on one of the most popular cocktails at Cherry Street Cellar: The Old Fashioned. […]

Better Late Than Never

Nothing to Shrub At

I crafted this cocktail to be the perfect balance of sweet, tart and warm as a perfect intro-to-fall drink. It combines the sweetness of Demerara syrup countered by the tart bite of muddled lemon and blackberries and our house-made basil-pear shrub, while our choice bourbon warms the soul. The name is half a tribute to […]

The Charcuterie Cure

Most people hear the term food waste and think of HyVee’s Misfit produce section, or backyard compost piles. But what if we told you that you could cut down on food waste by eating more soup, sausage and salami?

Autumn Apple

With the fall season approaching, I thought what could be a better cocktail than one that includes traditional fall flavors? This is where the Autumn Apple comes into play. 

Bee Sharp

    Chris McD’s makes our own infused vodkas for cocktails, one of which is raspberry. We consistently change our fruit infusions, but I was feeling particularly inspired by this flavor profile, and a regular of ours was more than willing to taste test as much as needed. Unfortunately for him, it only took one […]

Poolside Sips

When I think of summer cocktails, I am immediately drawn to thoughts of spicy margaritas and palomas served out on a patio. For this cocktail, I wanted to add a twist by swapping out the tequila for a severely under-appreciated..

Rosé the Day Away

This bright and effervescent spring/summer cocktail was inspired by my love of rosé and the rich taste of Plymouth gin. I had been toying around with the idea of

Holiday Spirits

Editor’s Note: The featured cocktails may not be on the menu at these local spots anymore, but you can still create them at home! Since March, bars and restaurants have been scrambling to pivot their food and drink offerings into pandemic-friendly options. One such “invention” is the to-go cocktail.You can go to your favorite restaurant […]

Sip Trip

Whether you’ve been to Napa every year since you can remember or still prefer Moscato as your wine of choice, chances are you’ll find a Missouri wine you love. Missouri’s wine-making history began in the 1850s in the Hermann area and expanded in the 1870s as Italian immigrants founded wineries near St. James, according to […]

Pairing Beef & Missouri Wine

Bold Red Norton Grilled w/caramelized onions French dip sandwich Short ribs London broil Pasta Bolognese Smoked brisket Pepper steak Pot roast Light Red Chambourcin Hamburger On a pizza Filet with mushrooms Meatloaf With Swiss on a sandwich Lasagna Concord BBQ brisket Carne asada Rosé Dry Carpaccio Mongolian Philly cheesesteak Sweet In spicy Asian dishes Curried […]

Build Your Best Sangria

Missouri Wines Sangria Recipe: Start with a pitcher (or punch bowl) You will also need a stirring utensil Step 1: Fruit Peel and slice your favorite fruits (1-2 cups) Berries, melon, citrus, apple, peaches, kiwi Step 2: Wine Add 1 bottle (750ml) Red, white, rosé, fruit Step 3: Liquor Add 1/2 cup liquor of choice […]

Your Best Valentine’s Ever

This piece was originally published in our February 2020 issue. Please check with the restaurants, stores or other places mentioned to see whether the offerings mentioned are available in February of 2022. I don’t remember what year it began. I just know that the strawberries were big and juicy and covered in chocolate. They were […]

MVP Program

The Missouri Winery Visitors Program (MVP) encourages consumers — that’s you! — to explore Missouri wine country — and rewards you for each and every visit! The free program was recently extended through December 2020, so be sure to sign up soon. You can register for an account, collect tickets from participating wineries and enter […]

Food and Wine Pairings

It’s National Pork Month Pair with your favorite Missouri Wine Chardonel – Smoked Pork Traminette – Sweet and Sour Pork Vignoles – Spicy Pork Ribs Chambourcin – Pork Loin Concord – Pulled Pork Catawba – Pork Chop Missouri Wines – established in 1984 to support the research, development, and promotion of Missouri grapes, wines, and […]

Food and Wine Pairings

Traminette It is a white wine with both floral and fruity aromas. The semi-sweet taste of the wine cuts through the heat of many spicy dishes. It pairs wonderfully with Asian dishes, curry, fresh fruit, shrimp, Cajun, garlic and cheeses like Munster and gorgonzola. Noboleis Vineyards in Augusta, MO was recognized for best Traminette at […]