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Construction Continues On TopTracer: Midway Golf & Games Expanding

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Midway golf

Columbians can be swinging their clubs at the area’s newest TopTracer complex as soon as July, Taylor Burks, president of Rost Inc., says.

“Little Dixie Construction’s been keeping us close to our target. We should be ready for a grand opening in early July,” Burks says. Rost Inc includes Rost Landscaping, Superior Garden Center, Superior Irrigation and Midway Golf & Games.

Midway Golf & Games, located on 140 acres just west of Columbia off of I-70, is quickly adding to its entertainment offerings. The new 8,000-square-foot complex is currently under construction and will house 18 to 20 elevated driving range golf bays. In addition to TopTracer, the complex is adding a bar and grill restaurant and a 25,000-square-foot indoor event space. The name of the restaurant likely will be announced in the next few months.

Burks says there will be entertainment for all ages at the new golf attraction. “Given the number of suites we’re building, there will be room for a variety of golfers,” he says. “This includes families wanting to host birthday events, young professionals hoping to socialize or even more established Columbians looking to have a nice meal outside of downtown.”

Midway Golf & Games is owned by Tim and Toby Rost, local entrepreneurs who started Rost Landscaping. In 2017, they ventured into the family recreation business by acquiring a portion of Perche Creek Golf Center.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on March 27, 2023, to correct the location of Midway Golf & Games and to clarify what is included in the TopTracer complex.

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