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Susan Schapira Takes Over Rocheport General Store

By Inside Columbia
Susan Schapira at the Rocheport General Store

Photos by L.G. Patterson

In June, Susan Schapira took over the Rocheport General Store as owner from Diane Dunn and John Zondca. She’s doing something she loves: cooking for the residents and visitors of Rocheport.

Rocheport is where Schapira raised her kids and co-owned Abigails restaurant for many years. She started preparing food at the general store in January 2021, before transitioning to owner. The Rocheport General Store serves dinner Thursday through Saturday, and lunch throughout the week.

On Locals Night, you can find Rocheport residents relaxing, listening to music and enjoying the food Schapira prepares. “We have a Thursday night dinner for locals, which is only one dish. Depending on what the entree is, we can have 50-80 people who order that item,” Schapira says. “It started years ago to say thank you to regulars and local people.”

Food from the Rocheport General Store

On Friday and Saturday nights, guests will find a menu that is constantly rotating. (Reservations are suggested for weekend dinners.) Crowd favorites for dinner include barramundi fish panko crusted with sweet chili, and pork chops in a jalapeño marinade. For dessert, you might find a Southern praline pecan cake or carrot cake on the menu.

For lunch on Wednesdays through Sunday, some items that have been included on the menu have been quiche with tomato, bacon, asparagus and feta; a panini with pastrami, Swiss and caramelized onions; or a quesadilla with chipotle glaze.

Schapira is glad to be cooking in the community she loves. “I was fortunate to be given the opportunity. The staff was super supportive and made the transition easy. I love this town and want to stay here,” she says.

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