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A New View: Dog-Friendly Dining

By Inside Columbia
Pug with long tongue

Assignment: Dog-Friendly Dining

The Location: Logboat Brewing Co.

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I’ve always been a dog person. Throughout the years, I have met just about every breed of canine.

I enjoy getting to know each and every one of them, as dogs seem to have completely different personalities. Since I like to get them riled up as I play with them, their owners aren’t always very appreciative.

For the most part, dogs seem to mimic the attitudes of their owners and, in turn, are fiercely loyal to those people.

For this issue, I met several dogs and the most unique critter of the bunch had to be Remi. Though he was constantly barking at nothing while hanging out in the shade outside Logboat, it was his incredibly long tongue, in constant motion, that first caught my attention. As I tried to photograph him, Remi kept an aloof attitude, coming off a bit like a diva who didn’t care what I was trying to do.

But as I started to walk away from Remi, he looked at me and smiled. I think, ultimately, he liked me as much as I liked him.

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