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A New View: First Fridays

By Inside Columbia
Mural in the North Village Arts District

Assignment: First Fridays

The Location: North Village Arts District

Mural in the North Village Arts District

If you haven’t experienced the festivities at First Friday in the North Village Arts District, you’re missing out on a fun evening.

I think everyone should make it a point to head over and see how that area comes to life during the twilight hours once a month. It’s full of music, activities and art (of course) for people of all ages. Kids can draw and play, while adults can enjoy a glass of wine and peruse art throughout the catacombs of studio space under Artlandish Gallery. You can sit on the grass outside of Fretboard Coffee and listen to music while enjoying a tasty snack from Wishflour Bakery. If you are looking for more of a classy atmosphere, Sager Reeves Gallery offers a new show every month.

It has been fun to watch how First Friday has grown over the years. The latest addition of a mural standing over the courtyard only adds to the overall experience. If you take the time to look closely at the new mural, you’ll see names of the people who made it happen.

I look forward to the first Friday of every month.

With each visit, I always see something new.

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