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A New View: Summer

By Inside Columbia
Opening Day for the Kansas City Royals

Assignment: Opening Day for the Kansas City Royals

The Location: Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

Nothing signals the start of summer like Major League Baseball.

In February, I was concerned that summer wouldn’t happen because of the MLB lockout, but the players and owners were finally able to settle their differences just in time to belatedly start the season.

Now, the summer fun can start.

I know summer would (probably) still happen without baseball, but it wouldn’t be the same. Sure, we’d still have the scorching heat and humidity, and we would spend our time at the pool or on the golf course, but without baseball, those hot months would be just boring.

Photographing the excitement of a home opener is one of my favorite assignments. The stadium is clean and feels fresh with added features and attractions for the new season. The players are enthusiastic to start and the crowd is excited for their home team to get going with a clean slate.

Everyone is happy.

Baseball makes everyone happy.

So I say, “PLAY BALL” and be happy.

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