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A New View: Cicadas

By Inside Columbia
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Assignment: Cicadas
The Locations: A tree in Boone County

There are a few constants during Boone County summers, and they all involve bugs. June bugs are buzzing around porch lights, lightning bugs are glowing around fields at dusk and the song of the cicadas invites us outside.

I took this photo 13 years ago of a cicada crawling out of her exoskeleton after climbing up a tree. That year I was amazed at the amount of these ugly bugs working their way up trees. It was like the bark on the tree was alive.

I stood still while taking this photo because it took several minutes to get the photo I wanted. After getting the shot, I noticed that my shoes were covered with cicadas as they made their way from underground and tried to crawl up my leg.

It wasn’t long after that moment that I could hear that song of the cicadas.

I am guessing that this summer’s “cicada-geddon” will be even more deafening as they were last time, and I can’t wait for it to happen.

After all, cicadas are harmless bugs. They won’t bite you and the only thing they are guilty of is being really big and ugly.

They are much better than mosquitos and ticks (they suck).

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