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A New View: Cutest Pets Photoshoot

By Inside Columbia
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Assignment: Cutest Pets Photoshoot
The Location: The L.G. Patterson Studios

Comments: Coach Norm Stewart famously said, “If you find a turtle on a fence post, you can bet your butt he didn’t get there by himself.” I was reminded of his quote when I was photographing Morty the turtle for our Cutest Pets feature. Coach Stewart has a talent of pulling nuggets of Shelby County wisdom to apply it to the world around him.

Throughout the years he has produced a plethora of these witty quotes. Some people struggle to follow his train of thought, but it always makes sense to me, probably because of my own Shelby County roots.

Throughout my life, I have had people help me become a better photographer each day. Fellow photographers have helped me hone my skills, and friends and family have given me the confidence to climb higher. I get inspiration from children to seasoned visual veterans. Almost everyone I have met has helped me get to the top of the fence post.I am that turtle on a fence post.

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