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A New View: Flower Arranging

By Inside Columbia
Flower arranging

Assignment: Flower Arranging

The Location: Columbia Area Career Center

While working on my University of Missouri class schedule my junior year, the late great Walter Johnson insisted that
I take two specific classes offered by the university.

The first was Shakespeare. I took his advice, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed reading Shakespeare’s plays and
sonnets. It turned out to be one of my top five favorite classes during my years as a Tiger.

The second class he insisted I take was flower arranging. Johnson explained that the class would teach me about color and three-dimensional design. I had my doubts, but I made an effort to get into the class. However, it never meshed with my schedule and I graduated without learning the art of flower arranging.

Flowers were a theme for me throughout college. My aunt got me a job as a part-time delivery driver for Allen’s Flowers and I spent several Valentine’s and Mother’s days driving all over the city, brightening people’s days.

It was fun to step behind the curtain at the shop and watch the florists pull flowers from the cooler to create amazing masterpieces.

I was reminded of those days when I walked into Sherie Rodekohr’s cooler at the Columbia Area Career Center, where we made this image of roses in a bucket on the floor. Now, I regret not trying harder to get into the class Johnson suggested. Though I do find it curious that he didn’t insist I take his famous econ 51 class.

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