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A New View: Roaming

By Inside Columbia

Assignment: Roaming
The Location: Shelbyville, Missouri

My family owns some farmland just outside of Shelbyville. We use the land for hunting and fishing, and usually harvest hay on a big chunk of the property.

This year, we decided not to harvest hay and instead let nature do what she wants with the land.

So when I stopped by this summer to check on the fish in the pond, I was surprised to see the number of flowers that have taken over the field we used to harvest. For as long as we have had the land, I had no idea that those wildflowers were hiding in the grass.

I felt a little inspired from the sight.

After all, it’s easy to keep doing the same thing every year. Some find comfort in knowing things will be predictable.

But while doing something different can be a little unnerving, the results can be beautiful.

I think I’m going to embrace the different.

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