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Whose Mind Can Remember the Lyrics?

By Inside Columbia
Dueling Djs Kristin TIm

Photo by L.G. Patterson

Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Communications’ stations will take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. This issue, Kristin from Y107 and Tim Taylor from 96.7 KCMQ went head-to-head to see who can finish the lyric the best. Click here to see video of the full challenge! 


Both contestants will have to attempt to finish the lyric from 10 songs, chosen from a mix of Top 40 and classic rock. One person will say the first lyric, and the other will have to correctly fill in the second part of the lyric within 30 seconds to get a point. The person with the highest score at the end of the game will be declared the winner!


Tim from 96.7 KCMQ came into the challenge clear-headed and confident, while Kristin from Y107 was nervous, sure her husband and competitor would come out on top in this competition.


After missing the first lyric challenge, Tim put Kristin in a good spot to take the lead, much to her surprise. Even more surprising for Tim was that this challenge was turning out to be, well, challenging. The ball kept rolling for Kristin, who eventually racked up five points to Tim’s one. But right before the final buzzer, Tim managed to go out with a bang and score one final point, bringing his total to two. It wasn’t enough to beat Kristin, but his dedication to stay in the game scored big in everyone’s hearts.


Kristin: “I thought Tim was going to smoke me on this one, so I am a little proud of myself right now honestly.”

Tim: “I am just going to sit in a corner in my shame.”

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