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Joe Lose, 96.7 KCMQ


Como Smoke and Fire is the only reason I don’t drive two hours to KC for amazing barbeque. The place is unmercifully tasty! The second you step out of your car into the parking lot and get that first knee-buckling whiff, you know you’re getting the good stuff.
If you need an appetizer, their smoked wings or pulled pork/chicken egg rolls will be your rocket boosters before the main course blows you out of the galaxy. Deciding between belt-stretching burnt ends, pulled pork, brisket or their unfairly amazing mac and cheese sandwiches will be the toughest decision you’ve ever made. Good news is there’s no wrong decision!
Might as well get a CoMO Rum Punch, Rocheport Rum Runner, or any other local drink to help you decide. Yeah, Smoke and Fire has a full bar, because come on. If a barbeque place doesn’t have all the sauce (see what I did there?), you can’t call it a barbeque place!
Apparently they have dessert, but I wouldn’t know because I’m usually so full I can’t read anymore. I have the utmost confidence that it’s the best dessert that any other barbeque joint would offer.
Como Smoke and Fire will bust your gut and leave you pleading for more!

Andy Humphrey, KTGR


Nobody touches Lutz’s when it comes to mid-MO barbecue! They’ve got something to fulfill any type of barbecue lover, and they do it well. The way I was raised, any barbecue place needs to have a savory, tasty brisket, and Lutz’s hits it out of the park.
One of my favorite lunches ever is their brisket sandwich paired up with the Kansas City-style barbecue sauce (and I always make sure I bring a bottle of it back for home!). Their mac and cheese is also a perfect side for any dish.
When it’s dinner time, I like to go with the half rack of ribs. I wish price tag stickers on boxes would come off the same way Lutz’s ribs slide off the meat. But everyone knows what sets Lutz’s apart: the homemade chips! Hand-cut and fried to perfection, you can personalize your chips with 13 different types of seasoning. I usually go the parmesan route, but they’re all delicious! Those chips are the essential sidekick to any of Lutz’s mouth-watering dishes. I probably hog too many of them whenever we get Lutz’s catering here, but who can blame me?
Lutz’s knows how to make barbecue fans feel right at home!

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