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Josh Ryan of Clear 99 and Stephanie Bell of 93.9 The Eagle

Josh Ryan, CLEAR 99


Softball is more than just a kids’ game. It builds relationships. It offers valuable life lessons. Softball teaches both kids and parents how to deal with adversity, how to handle confrontation and maybe most importantly, it teaches hard work and commitment. That’s why it is THE greatest activity your child can participate in.

When my 14-year-old daughter began her softball sojourn, she was just nine years old. You’d be amazed at all you can learn about your child while you’re just having a simple game of catch. Hitting in the backyard is always fun, but you’ll eventually reach the stage where your neighbor’s windows are in jeopardy, and you’ve got to hit in a cage. I won’t lie, I’ve had to apologize more than once for an errant fly ball!

But, softball is more than just hitting, throwing and catching. It’s a way to build an amazing relationship with your family! So, grab a bucket of balls, a bat, a glove and your kiddos and get to a local park, an Optimist field, or a rent a batting cage for a couple of hours!

Stephanie Bell, 93.9 THE EAGLE

Level Up

Some places are fun for kids, but not for adults.  That’s not the case with Level Up, my favorite place to take my kiddos (10, 7 and 4).

My husband and I are super competitive people, so we always like to challenge the kids to a game of air hockey. Last time we were there, we settled in (with a cold beverage) for some bowling. Our kids bowled well with the help of bumpers, even after refusing to use the slides. (A sincere apology to the two people who appeared to be on a first date on the lane next to our circus. I hope you still want kids someday.) We laughed and cheered each other on — and my kids were super impressed when Mom beat Dad!

The kids have enjoyed laser tag and the ropes course with friends at birthday parties and are always begging to go back. As a parent, I love having an all-seasons all-weather activity that the whole family can enjoy!

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