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Whose Skills Will Throw Some Shade?

By Inside Columbia

Photos by L.G. Patterson

Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Communications’ stations will take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. This issue, Scotty Cox from Clear99 and Carson from Y107 went head-to-head to see who would be the better makeup artist. Make sure you click here to see video of the full challenge!


Each contestant must attempt to do a full face of makeup without any help or instruction, from technique to identifying the items supplied. The choice of colors, products and accuracy will play a role in determining the winner.


Scotty from Clear99 came in calm and collected with the spirit of a true gentleman who has prepared for any outcome. Meanwhile, Carson from Y107 was visibly nervous and stressed as he began pacing back and forth, anticipating the start of the challenge


When the timer started, without panic, Scotty began his delicate application to model Caroline Roush, taking time to match colors to Caroline’s skin tone. He chose a natural palette with some soft shimmers to highlight Roush’s features. Carson, confused and panicked, took a bolder approach on model Hannah Savic. Carson focused on black eyeshadow and black eyeliner that had been, well, let’s say creatively placed underneath the eye. (Though he was adamant he would stay away from mascara, Carson briefly attempted to face his fear when he saw Scotty successfully apply the product. Ultimately, that particular challenge proved too daunting for Carson.) While Carson’s creativity stunned the crowd, Scotty came out on top as the clear winner.


Scotty: “It is a very delicate process, which I am not sure I was prepared for … but what a beautiful canvas I had to work with.”
Carson: “It terrifies me.”

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