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Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Communications’ stations will voice their opinions on what you might call a controversial topic. This issue, check out Kristin Monica’s and Todd Alan’s takes on the best sandwich in Columbia.

Kristin Monica, 106.9 Y107

Turkey Wrap from D. Rowe’s

I know it’s weird to say that the best sandwich in Columbia is actually a wrap, but wraps have all the components of a sandwich, right? A bready exterior, meats, cheeses and other goodness inside — I suppose this is more of a debate for the listeners on Y107 afternoons! 

I chose the turkey wrap from D. Rowe’s, which sounds basic but it’s anything but!

I learned about D. Rowe’s pretty quickly after moving to Columbia, and the minute I bit into their smoked wings, I was hooked. The second time is when I tried the turkey wrap, and they use their smokey genius on the turkey, too. Upon my first bite, the clouds opened, the sun shone bright and I could almost hear angels singing in the distance! The turkey dances perfectly with the lettuce, Provel cheese, tomato, bacon and ranch.

If you love the smoked wings at D. Rowe’s, definitely try the turkey wrap next time you’re there, you won’t regret it!

Todd Alan, 99.3 Clear Country

Burnt Ends Mac & Cheese Sandwich from COMO Smoke & Fire

Let the debate begin: What is a sandwich? Is a hamburger a sandwich? A hot dog?

For my favorite sandwich, I decided to go in a more traditional route. What can we put between two slices of bread?

When I am in the mood to indulge, I take a trip out to COMO Smoke & Fire. While I have heard everything is amazing there, I keep going back to the same thing: the burnt ends mac & cheese sandwich.

I mean, come on, it’s simple math. Burnt ends + mac & cheese + Texas toast = what I imagine heaven to be like. I order it with their homemade chips, and, I will admit, I usually need a nap after finishing it. But it covers all the major food groups.

At least the ones on my food pyramid.

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