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Whose Competitive Spirit Will Rise Above?

By Inside Columbia
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Photos by L.G. Patterson

In each issue, multiple on-air talents from Zimmer Communications’ stations take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. In this issue, we had a special challenge where two DJs from the same station battled for first place. Brian Hanson and Randy Tobler from 93.9 The Eagle had to take on a series of mini-games and see who could complete the challenges first. Make sure to click here to see a video of the whole challenge!


Two DJs will have to complete a series of challenges, starting with flipping a cup on the table, then rolling doubles, sticking a card to their forehead for five seconds and ending the game by balancing an egg on a spoon and walking around the perimeter of the room without dropping it. The first to press the button at the end of the race wins the game!


While Randy and Brian both came in a bit nervous for the challenge not knowing exactly what to expect, the jitters quickly diminished, and the pair prepared for battle.

real012424 285913 minTHE OUTCOME

While both Randy and Brian struggled to correctly flip the cup onto the table at first,Randy, as he was asking if it was even possible, finally watched his cup flip in the air landing upside down. Leaving Brian behind in the cup-flipping arena, Randy moved onto the dice, where within seconds he rolled doubles, putting him in the third stage of the competition. Brian on the other hand was still planted firmly in stage one, working hard to flip his cup and catch up to Randy. Then came the cards. Randy grabbed a card from the deck and smacked it on his forehead, hoping it would stick just long enough to propel him into the final stage of the competition. Lucky for him, while Brian continued to flip the cup,Randy got the card to stick for five seconds. Randy quickly grabbed the spoon and egg and not sparing a second, took off around the room balancing the egg. While Brian finally started barreling through the first few challenges, it was too late, as Randy hit the final button, declaring him the mini-game master.


Randy: “I know some good occupational therapists and would be happy to make a referral to improve his dexterity skills … but truly that was a creative game.”

Brian: “It was fun, I think itneeds to be messier,where I can smashan egg on him.”

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