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Whose Moves are the Most Masterful?

By Inside Columbia
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Photo by L.G. Patterson

In each issue, on-air talents from different Zimmer Communications’ stations will take on a seemingly simple challenge to see whocomes out on top. In this issue, we had four DJs attempt the imposter musical challenge, including Cosmo from Y107, Aric fromClear99, Shags from 96.7 KCMQ and Stephanie from 93.9 The Eagle. The four DJs went head-to-head to see who has the besttrickster dance moves. Make sure to click here to see a video of the whole challenge!


Three DJs will listen to the same song with headphones, while one lonely DJ will have a completely different song. The goal is for the one imposter to blend his dance moves in with the others to trick them into thinking they are all listening to the same song. At the end of the songs, the DJs will guess to see who the imposter is. If they guess correctly, revealing the imposter, they win. If they guess incorrectly, the imposter wins.


Aric from Clear99came ready to show off his moves, while the others were nervous, to say the least. Cosmo from Y107 felt his dance moves would set him behind; Shags from 96.7 KCMQ was, well, just embarrassed about the whole thing; and poor Stephanie from 93.9 The Eagle didn’t even know she was about to play a game.


After one attempt to play, Cosmo, the first imposter, revealed he didn’t quite understand the game and quickly announced to his opponents that he was listening to a different song. During the second attempt, all four DJs started with similar moves, making it difficult to decide who might be jamming to a different song. Aric was movin’ and groovin’ in his own little world, Shags was eyeing the competition, Cosmo was just happy to be included in the main group and Stephanie wasn’t trusting anyone’s dance moves. After a few minutes, most of the imposter votes went to Stephanie. As a surprise to even the imposter himself, Aric was revealed as the imposter, ultimately winning this edition of Dueling DJs.


Aric: “I don’t think there was anything confusing about the game, I just understood it, played to win and Idid it. It’s always nice to come out victorious against my peers.”

Shags: “I am just happy Aric won for being the imposter, it fits.”

Cosmo: “We are all imposters, we let you win. Obviously, I can’t dance still.”

Stephanie: “If we were dancing to ‘Single Ladies,’ I needed another lady up here.”

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