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Whose Senses Can Guess the Mystery in the Box?

By Inside Columbia
Hannah and Andy compete in the Dueling DJs competition

Photo by L.G. Patterson 

In each issue, on-air talents from different Zimmer Communications’ stations will take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. In this issue, Producer Hannah from 93.9 The Eagle and Andy from KTGR went head-to-head to see who can guess items the quickest only based on how they feel. Click here to see a video of the whole challenge!


Two DJs will place their hands in a box, unaware of the contents inside. The goal is to figure out what the item in the box is based on how it feels. After five rounds, the person who correctly guesses the most mystery items wins!


Andy from KTGR and Producer Hannah from 93.9 The Eagle came into the competition with good spirits but still a bit concerned and nervous as they had no knowledge of the challenge.


Both competitors started off strong, guessing the Sour Patch Kids within seconds. Andy then took the lead when he guessed the second item correctly. Then came the third round. Hannah and Andy put their hands in the box, realizing this time the item was squishy. But before Hannah could guess, Andy, without a doubt, shouted out, “Play-Doh!” This put Andy in the lead, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t last long for him. In the fourth round, after making some very creative guesses on the sticky item, the minty scent started to creep out of the box, helping Hannah guess toothpaste before Andy had a chance. After another round, we needed a tiebreaker, but luckily, we were prepared. As the competitors touched the claw clips, Hannah knew it was in the bag. Before Andy could throw out a guess, Hannah shouted out the correct answer, ending the game and taking home first place.


Producer Hannah: “I am not going to lie, I thought that last one was going to be a tampon.”

Andy: “I’m glad it wasn’t  … I blew a 3-1 lead; that’s how it goes sometimes.”

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