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Whose Skills Will Help Them Putt Their Way to Victory?

By Zola Heck
dueling djs

Photos by L.G. Patterson 

In each issue, multiple on-air talents from Zimmer Communications’ stations take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. In this issue, Carson from Y107 and Trevor from 96.7 KCMQ played a round of miniature golf with a special chipping challenge to close out the game. Make sure to visit to see a video of the whole challenge!


Two DJs will play a round of mini golf in the office. Instead of hitting the ball into a hole, the DJs must knock a cup over at each station before making it to the chipping net. The DJ with the least number of strokes at the end wins the game. But here’s the catch, however many points each DJ gets at the chipping net will be subtracted from their total number of strokes. Let the game begin!

dueling djs


Carson and Trevor both came ready to take on the challenge in their own way. Carson, with two putters in hand, and Trevor, well, with none. Nonetheless, both DJs settled right in, ready to make the shots.

dueling djs


Both DJs grabbed their putters, staring at cup one, with only one goal in mind … to hit the cup. Carson grabbed the first ball, knowing the angle was too tricky to knock the cup over in one shot. He used the copier as a barrier to land the ball near the cup. Trevor had the same plan. Both DJs knocked the cup over in three shots, moving them to round two. This cup came with an extra challenge — not to disturb General Manager Carla Leible in her meeting by hitting the ball against her door. After a couple of shots, Trevor had an interesting idea to mask the sound of the ball hitting the door by placing his foot behind the cup. Now, at the third cup, Carson was in the lead by one. This one was tricky, as the cup stood at the start of a long hallway. So, if they missed, they risked losing the ball down the dreaded hallway. While both DJs avoided the hallway, ending up near the same spot, Carson knocked the cup over in two shots while Trevor ended up needing the third shot to end the round. Now, Carson was ahead by two as they approached the chipping net. But the tables turned when Trevor scored two points, putting the DJs in a tie. But before Trevor could get too excited, Carson scored two points as well putting him back in the lead. After missing his final shot, Trevor knew he had lost, but held his head high as he watched Carson score a final two points, securing the lead.


Trevor: “I really enjoyed the game; I thought it was a lot of fun. Even though I lost I was pleasantly surprised with my performance. I am not a golfer, so I feel good about how I did even though I lost to a better competitor.”

Carson: “I knew I was good; I didn’t realize I was that good.”

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