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5 Songs That Will Get You in the Flow

By Inside Columbia
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WELCOME TO OUR ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Tim Flanner, Inside Columbia’s art director, has shared his ultimate playlist to listen to on the water. Scan the QR code on this page to hear the full playlist. Enjoy!

It is hard to be out on my boat without having some music playing. I feel like they were made for each other. Sometimes I do have to remember to turn it down a bit, just in case the fish might not like it. But I feel like it does turn the bite on. Though I think the jury is still out on that. I do have my own playlist called “On a Boat”, which I update often. It has over 500 songs, so it was hard to narrow it down to just five.

“Where to Find Me”Hardy

I would have to say, this would be a top-five life song for me. I am definitely in my happy place if I am in a place where I am hard to find. Justin the middle of nowhere. This song has a nice relaxing beat and groove. It song always puts a smile on my face and I just have to sing out asloud as I can, which also helps that I am in the middle of nowhere. I also think the line, “I’m a redneck, I’m a hick, I’m hippie” defines me.

“I Won’t Back Down”Tom Petty

Well, I can’t have a playlist without including my all-time favorite artist. He is always mixed in every playlist I make. I do feel like his voice andthe band’s groove flow perfectly on the water. It was very hard to narrow it down to one song, but this is one of my favs, and I tend to live by this motto, probably to a fault. But there is nothing like telling a stubborn bass that won’t bite that “I won’t back down.”

“Hey Driver”– Zach Bryan (feat. The War and Treaty)

I could pick any of Zach’s songs. He has easily turned into one of my favorite current artists. This song is all about the simple life. It’s a very smooth acoustic song with a raspy blues emotion. Lyrics like, “Take down a road that’s a little bit windy, to a place they still put sugar in their ice tea … ” make the escape out on the water more real.

“Ballard of a Southern Man” – Whiskey Meyers

This is another one of my all-time favorite bands. I have spent many hours on the water just letting them serenade me, so it was really hard to just pick out one song. This song takes me back to my roots. It talks about growing up in a simple home, raised to hunt, fish and work for what we have. There are a few lines in this song that hit hard. I guess you just need to listen and you will find them.

“Get Along” – Kenny Chesney

How could I make a playlist for being on the water, without including Kenny? I shouldn’t have to explain that. This was also hard to choose one. But I do love this song. And with the line “Buy a boat, drink a beer. Sing a song … ” how can I not listen to it? This song also has a great message to me. Life is too short to be hating and stressing about all the chaos that is going on in the world. Can’t we all just get along

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