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Joking Around: 5 Comedy Specials You Shouldn’t Miss

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WELCOME TO OUR ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Cosmo from Y107 has shared his ultimate watchlist for stand-up comedy specials you are sure to love. Click this link to see more about each show. Enjoy!

I’ll be honest, I just don’t watch near as many shows as I used to. But one of my personal core values is laughter and I firmly believe we all must find ways to laugh out loud every day. I have been a fan of stand-up comedy since before my radio career started and was blessed to have some of the best in the biz jump in my Y107 studio for an interview. (Man, I miss the Deja Vu Comedy Club.) Here are a few of my absolute favorite stand-up specials for you to watch:

Greg Warren’s “The Salesman” — YouTube

This former Mizzou wrestler turned peanut butter salesman and later turned stand-up comedian will have your entire family laughing. In his latest special, he shares the story of how Deja Vu’s founder Freddy DeMarco gave him his big break. He also shares a lot of peanut butter jokes and has some solid digs on Peter Pan Peanut Butter, as Greg’s a Jif guy. For those who are interested, Greg will be performing at the Blue Room Comedy Club in Springfield on Oct. 5-7.

Nate Bargatze “Hello, World!” — Prime Video

I am new to the Nate Bargatze game and that’s my bad! Please don’t make the same mistake I did. The guy is so smooth with a joke in almost every line. His observational humor is simply effortless and just funny. If you love a good dry delivery with punchlines that sneak up on you, this is something you’ll enjoy. But be warned: Anyone who enjoys golf with their spouse should be prepared for some personal shots. His next stop in St. Louis is set for late October.

Taylor Tomlinson “Look At You” — Netflix

Taylor Tomlinson has toured with Conan O’Brien and, while originally cutting her comedic chops doing “church humor,” she is, in my opinion, the top female comic to watch! Her delivery, her candor and ease with her quips are great, plus she doesn’t shy away from the raw, real look into her own struggles with mental health, dating and dealing with her religious and conservative father. I am so glad that she did not listen to her therapist and has used the stand-up mic to share her life.

Pete Lee “Tall, Dark and Pleasant” — Prime Video

Pete Lee was the first comedian to get a standing ovation on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” He is a hilarious master storyteller with a quick, dry sense of humor. You know the saying “nice guys finish last?” Well, not Pete. He is taking the sucky parts of being the stereotypical nice guy and doing a masterful job of slinging harmless jokes about his swimming days, drugs and people pleasing.

Jon Reep “Ginger Beard Man” — Prime Video

“That thing got a Hemi?” Yes, that is Jon Reep as the Dodge Hemi commercial guy. He’s also been in some pretty funny movies and TV shows, as well as winning NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2007. Jon was the first comedian to join me live in studio on the Y107 Morning Show. Jon’s a master with facial expressions, wild inflections and use of the entire stage and he is sure to have you crying with laughter.

Listen to Cosmo weekday mornings on the Cosmo and Kat Show on Y107.

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