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Underrated TV Treasures: 4 Shows You Might Not Know, But Must Try

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Inscreenshot 2024 04 23 at 9.39.01 am each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Tim Taylor from 96.7 KCMQ, shared his ultimate watchlist for underrated shows to watch this season. Click here to get the full watchlist. Enjoy!

I’ve come to realize that I’m a big fan of some TV shows that never got the attention they deserve. In some cases, I don’t think the networks the shows were on gave them a fair chance to succeed, and in other cases, the show is on a streaming platform that not many people have yet. Either way, these are all easy-to-binge shows and perfect for when we get those rainy weekends that keep you inside.

“Happy Endings” – Hulu

This is the show Damon Wayans, Jr. left “New Girl” for. The premise is simple: it follows a friend group as they each navigate relationships. There’s a married couple (Wayans, Jr. and Eliza Coupe, whom you’ll recognize from a lot of things, but you didn’t know her name until now),
a couple that recently broke up but are trying to stay friends (Elisha Cuthbert from “24” and Zachary Knighton), and two perennially single people (Adam Pally and Casey Wilson). It ran for three seasons and is a more modern “Friends,” or “How I Met Your Mother,” and like both of those shows, it is perfect to rewatch over and over.

“Shrinking” – Apple TV+

Harrison Ford and Jason Segel. Honestly, I feel like that’s enough justification to watch the show, but I’ll keep going. Segel plays a therapist who is struggling to move on after his wife died, and one day decides to be brutally honest with his clients. Ford is his boss, who is dealing with his own messy personal life while trying to keep Segel in line. It’s funny, sad, poignant, heartbreaking and uplifting all at once, as most shows from creator Bill Lawrence are (“Scrubs,” “Ted Lasso”). Written by Brett Goldstein, whom you may know as Roy Kent in “Ted Lasso,” it’s one of the best shows that almost no one talks about.

“Severance” – Apple TV+

I think that when people rushed to sign up for Apple TV+ for “Ted Lasso” (by the way, “Ted Lasso” is a brilliant show and you should watch it if you haven’t) people overlooked this show. Most episodes are directed by Ben Stiller, and it stars Adam Scott from “Parks and Recreation”, but it’s decidedly not a comedy. Imagine if you had your brain surgically altered so that when you went to work you essentially became a different person. You would know absolutely nothing about your life outside of work and vice versa. That’s the show, and it’s incredible. I watched this on an airplane, and I wanted my flight to be longer so I could finish the last episode … that’s how good it is. I wanted to sit in the world’s most uncomfortable seat with no leg room for one more hour to keep watching it.

“Chuck” – Max

I loved this show when it was on NBC. It was a show that was always on the brink of being canceled, but a passionate fan base found creative ways to keep it on the air, like picking a day to buy every meal from the show’s biggest sponsor Subway. It’s one part sci-fi, one part spy show and one part comedy, and the cast have incredible chemistry. An action-comedy with heart that admittedly has a weak final season, but it’s better when you can binge it to see all the callbacks to the pilot in the final episode.

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