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Date Night To Go: Enjoy Some of CoMo’s Best at Home

By Inside Columbia
Date Night To Go

Photos by L.G. Patterson

Every once in a while, it’s nice to get all dressed up and go out on the town. But that’s not always the best route for a date night.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a babysitter. Maybe public health concerns have got you wanting to stay home. Or you simply don’t want to have to find a parking spot. Maybe you’re just too tired to go out.

Whatever the reason, you can still enjoy some of Columbia’s finest date night offerings from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few delightful dishes from some of our favorite local restaurants for your next date night meal.


Ploughman’s Lunch
44 Stone Public House

Appetizer and entree

If you’re a charcuterie fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this dish. Described as an “English-style antipasto of sorts,” this starter includes house-made charcuterie, aged cheeses, bread, pickled vegetables, croustades and a seasonal compote. And at only $10, you just can’t beat the price for that kind of selection!


Lemon pesto chicken & linguini

Dessert and cocktail

Murry’s is a staple of the Columbia restaurant scene and a perfect choice for a date night meal. Here we have what photo editor L.G. Patterson refers to as “a Murry’s hack” — we ordered two different entrees, the lemon pesto chicken and the linguini with pesto and tomatoes, and combined them to create a complete meal for two.


White chocolate strawberry pie
Peggy Jean’s Pies

There’s a reason this pie was selected by the Food Network to be featured as part of its 36 Favorite Pies from Coast to Coast. Strawberry whipped cream covers a spread of baked strawberries on a foundation of dense white chocolate cheesecake. The 9-inch size is what Peggy Jean’s recommends for couples, as you can get maybe six to eight slices out of it.


The Hannah May

Named after one of the Sycamore staff members, this refreshing cocktail is a treat anytime. Made with Earl Grey infused vodka, lemon-lime shrub, simple syrup and vanilla, it’s served with a sugared rim and a dehydrated lemon. Enjoy!

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