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Krystal Martin Creates Luxurious, Plant-Based Skin Care Solutions

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There are so many products that are used in homes and on your skin that could contain harmful ingredients. Whether it’s your lotion, the holiday-scented candles burning in your home or even the soap you clean your body with, many mainstream products can contain parabens, triclosan, benzophenone, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, petroleum, polyethylene glycol or other harsh chemicals.

After losing a child in 2019, Krystal Martin decided to dig deeper into what she was putting into her body and the air. “I realized we were using products that had carcinogens, parabens, phthalates and just everything that could possibly contribute
to a loss during pregnancy,” Martin says. “I was like, why am I using pork fat on my skin and body?”

Martin, now the owner of K & K Co., realized she could use her own experience to help other families and pregnant women have a cleaner self-care day. “I wanted them to know you are not alone in that healing process and that journey.” After crawling out of the darkness, Martin wanted to create care to help with the process and ensure people know, “I am here for you.” So, in 2019, Martin created K & K Co., named after her daughters, which offers plant-based skincare and candles. “Let’s do this together; we can be a community,” she says.

After switching to cleaner products, Martin says she saw considerable changes in her children. “Their skin got better, eczema is clearing up, their mood changed now that I am using pure essential oils,” she says. “It’s crazy how when you return back to earth, it just heals.”

While all her products have their own benefits, Martin says her turmeric line is one of her favorites and one of the most healing products. “Turmeric helps with hyperpigmentation and discoloration in the skin, it helps soothe sunburn, helps prevent against more acne scaring and more,” she says.

It’s not just body products that could release toxic chemicals; mainstream candles or wax melts also have harsh chemicals that could harm your home. Especially around the holidays, people turn to candles or other products to bring a holiday smell or a Christmas cookie ambiance to make their home feel more cozy. Martin’s candles not only offer creative scent combinations but are clear of any harsh chemicals, so the only thing you’ll be bringing into your home is the warm and relaxing scents. “They are very unique scent blends; it’s not your typical scent,” she says. “When you say vanilla birch, you know what that is going to smell like, but when you say morning dew, which is one of our fall candles, you don’t know what it is going to smell like, and when you pick it up, you are intrigued by the smell.”

hen it comes to Martin’s products, it’s all about safe, healthy, luxurious products. “We want to make sure everything is crafted with the best intentions for the earth and for your family, so we keep you in mind while we create,” Martin says.

Shopping at K & K Co. not only helps get rid of toxins in your home, but it also plays a role in keeping the small business community thriving in Columbia. “When you shop small, you support big dreams,” Martin says. “We are a small, local company that really has a heart for Columbia, Missouri, and we want to be a part of their community; I want our products to be a part of their home.”

When working with K & K Co., Martin says you get to work directly with her. “That’s why I love small. You just get me. You don’t have to talk to press two to press three to press one. No, you just call me and let’s fix it.”

Martin not only creates all the products herself in her garage, but she will also hand deliver all products to your door. “Who wouldn’t want to be a community with who they shop with,” Martin says. “I want to know your opinion or how we can build a better community that supports all of us, because that’s what matters. Community matters.”

Customers can order her plant-based products online or at Plume in south Columbia. For more information on Martin’s safe self-care products, visit

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