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A Transitional Retreat

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Whether you’ve been to Hockman Interiors or are a patient at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, chances are you’ve met one of the Hockmans. Sherry, owner of Hockman Interiors, and David, a surgeon at the orthopaedic group, have lived in Columbia for more than 17 years – all in the same home.

Their home was actually previously owned by the Kliethermes family, and the Hockmans were able to purchase it directly from them after seeing a home with a similar floor plan online.

Sherry describes their home’s style as transitional. “I want my house to feel comfortable, so that when you walk in you don’t have to tell your kids not to touch something,” she says. Because of Sherry’s business and experience, she is able to find unique décor and furniture pieces that others may not be able to. “When I go to market, I get to see thousands of vendors, and while I can only display so much in my store, I’m able to see a wide selection at market,” she says.

One tip for those not as well-versed in interior design she shares is to look outside the box when arranging your furniture. “When people buy a home, they tend to see the way the previous owners’ set up the floorplan, but I like to play around with the spaces and rearrange,” Sherry says.

Family Room Photo
Photos by LG Patterson

Her favorite room in her home is the sunroom because of its natural light and neutral tones. During the summer, she uses bright colors such as yellows and blues, in the fall, rust and navy and in the winter the room hosts a 13-foot Christmas tree.

Although almost everything in the home is unique, the lighting fixtures stand out. “I love lighting,” Sherry says. “The texture, the creativity of it all — you don’t typically see a pulley system lamp or leather chandelier hanging around.”

But, the Hockmans are also big on performance — specifically, performance fabric. “If you spilled a glass of red wine on my sofa, it comes up with water and soap,” Sherry says. The material is polypropylene, and there are area rugs and fabrics done in that material.

“It’s great for families with kids that are going to be spilling things like KoolAid. If you want to have a white sofa, you still can.”

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