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Local Designer Shows What’s Hot and What’s Not In 2024

By Zola Heck
organic and warm feeling first floor with botanical wallpaper

Design by Lynn Design Group, Photos by Byler Media 

Every decade is defined by design. Whether it’s a fashion item, a hairstyle, a makeup trend or home decor, you know style will change throughout the years. Sometimes that means trends going away for good, other times it means beloved trends are coming back in style. In this issue, Bethany Strodtman, the owner and lead designer at Lynn Design Group, walks us through what decor items and trends are in and out for 2024. So, whether you are starting a DIY project in your home or looking to hire someone to help along the way, it’s time to sit back and get to know what’s hot and what’s not this year!

black window and rail paired with white mixed with wood tonesBlast From the Past

As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around — and in the world of home design, that sentiment couldn’t be more true. According to Strodtman, this season, she’s witnessing the revival of several trends, like natural materials in bathrooms and kitchens, which includes wood details, handmade tiles and textural plaster. Strodtman also says more enclosed, tucked-away spaces are coming back, curves and archways, and black elements, including windows, metal railings and ceilings. “A seamless shower look has been big, but we are seeing a comeback of enclosed showers for a rich, cozy feeling with some mystery as to what’s around the corner. We are seeing this with pantries also with a doorway vs. a closet feel as an extension of the kitchen,” she says. Along with all these returning trends, Strodtman says warm colors for cabinets, like cream, taupe and mushroom tones, are in style, bringing a cozy, natural feel to the home.

dsc00064+copy2024 Vision

While many trends are coming back in style, there is one thing Strodtman says is brand new for 2024. “I am seeing deep moody plum hues for the first time and loving it,” she says. While similar colors, like red and burgundy, were in style 20 years ago, Strodtman says this color brings a different vibe into the home. “This more mauve rendition feels rich yet fresh to me,” Strodtman says.

botanical wallapepr and warm tonesGoodbye For Now

With new trends coming back or saying hello for the first time, other trends are getting the boot to make room for fresher styles. Strodtman says geometric patterns are out and more floral, botanical patterns are in. “We are also seeing more organic-feeling tiles like Spanish patterns, organic marble veining or concrete look designs.” You’ll also find that single-purpose rooms, including formal dining rooms or elaborate home office setups, are out this year. Instead, “we are seeing more multi-functional spaces used for a utility that benefits more members in the family, like a mud room/laundry room combination with a place for a desk to pay bills or a playroom/living room combo with built-in storage and seating space.”

trending homeTips for Redesigning or Remodeling

  • First, set up a consultation.
  • Figure out what style you like. If you are unsure, Strodtman says to “figure out what aspects of a home or space you are drawn
    to as well as your practical needs, so that we can design a space that checks all your boxes and more.”
  • Strodtman also says to make sure you think about the big picture. “Clients can get stuck on the small stuff sometimes which can be crippling and stunting when remodeling or building,” she says.
  • Designers also want to help their clients know what’s possible to get the most for their money. “It’s our job to help our clients know what’s possible to get the most design bang for their buck and also achieve their goals in a way the makes the most sense for their lifestyle and resale,” Strodtman says.

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