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Black and Gold Auctions Upgrades to New Location in Columbia

By Inside Columbia
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Black and Gold Auctions, LLC has recently upgraded its space, moving to a newly renovated warehouse in Columbia. Owner Adam Rau says they had so much inventory and needed more space to thrive. “We are now able to really showcase our larger items; we can display more items and take in more goods,” he says. Rau moved from a 6,500-square-foot space to a 14,000-square-foot, two-acre lot at 4801 I-70 Drive SW.

Their move to a newly renovated warehouse in Columbia signifies a significant step towards offering an even better experience for buyers and sellers. With a focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainability through the reduce, reuse and rebuy mantra, Black & Gold Auctions is not just an auction company; it’s a community-oriented venture that values the importance of preserving items and memories. “We are able to turn something into a memory for someone else,” Rau says.

Whether you’re selling treasured heirlooms or searching for unique finds, Rau says you will always find what you didn’t know you needed. “We sell things you can’t get anywhere else,” he says. “We have something for everybody.”

Black and Gold Auctions has been open for more than a decade, but Rau has been the owner for the past two and a half years. Black and Gold Auctions is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, visit

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