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Community Board Game Café to Open This Spring

By Inside Columbia
Hexagon Alley Games 2

Hexagon Alley, a new board game café, is getting ready to open in downtown Columbia. According to Colleen Spurlock, one of the founders, Hexagon Alley plans to open in the spring at 111 S. Ninth St.

According to Facebook, demolition began Jan. 20 by stripping the old bar, getting the space ready to put in new flooring, painting the walls, and building new counter tops.

The board game café plans to offer hot coffee, espresso drinks and nitro cold brew from Fretboard Coffee. There will be a flat $5 fee to play games, whether you stay for one hour or the whole day. “You will have access to more than 400 board games, including family games and heavy nerd games,” she says. Spurlock is in the process of getting a liquor license for the establishment. “We are working on other partnerships with local breweries as well.”

The café’s goal is to create a space for everyone to enjoy. “We will be the first board game café in Columbia and anyone and everyone is welcome,” she says. “That is our mission for our space: You will always have a home with us.”

For more information on the new board game café, visit Hexagon Alley on Facebook and Instagram.

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