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Dawn Daly Takes the Helm at House of Brokers

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Dawn Daly began working at House of Brokers Realty in 1999 as a receptionist when she had a young child. Twenty-three years later, she owns the company.

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Former owner Bev Curtis passed the baton on to Daly. “Bev and I both have a vision and passion for real estate and helping our agents succeed. Bev is an amazing agent. Her home burned in November and she started reflecting on life and her responsibilities, and she suggested selling the company to me,” Daly says. “It made perfect sense to us. I was already in charge of all operations, so it felt natural to me. It was always my dream, but wasn’t sure if it would come true.”

Daly’s dream came true after learning almost all areas of the company and working her way up. She became the director of operations in 2015 when the office manager retired. She was interested in the position but knew it had much more possibility. “I submitted an 8-page proposal to the owners outlining the changes I’d make to the position. They agreed and promoted me,” she says. In that position she handled all day-to-day operations, including marketing, training and budgeting. She created a technology team to support the staff.

“For me, hard work is just what you do. I grew up with parents who were both hardworking. And for me, giving my all to the agents and owners just felt right,” Daly says.

While she doesn’t foresee any immediate major changes as owner, in September the company will be moving its offices to 2005 W. Broadway. “The new space will offer collaboration areas and training areas. We’re a sharing environment, so I want to keep that culture intact,” Daly says.

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