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Tuesday Morning Closes Stores Nationwide

By Inside Columbia
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Tuesday Morning, an American household merchandise discount store, is going out of business, closing stores nationwide, including in Columbia.

Taylor Cadwell-Geist, store manager in Columbia, says the company plans to have every store closed by July 1. Until the store closes it doors permanently, Tuesday Morning will be having a going out of business sale offering up to 30% off, with the discounts increasing over time. “We are still getting trucks right now, we are even getting more products this week,” Cadwell-Geist says.

Cadwell-Geist says a company called Hilco bought Tuesday Morning for $40 million. “We were going through a bankruptcy and buyers were presenting their bids and Hilco presented the best plan,” she says. Hilco Global is a liquidation company based in London that specializes in restructuring and refinancing other companies.

While Cadwell-Geist says it has been difficult to process the news, the community has been nothing but supportive. “Many local businesses have reached out to help my employees find new jobs,” she says. “You just have to accept it, move forward and make the best of it.”

Tuesday Morning is only accepting gift cards through May 13. For more information, visit

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