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A Collective Decision

By Inside Columbia

You’ve probably heard Mizzou North is being “retired.” For CoMo Cooks, the old Ellis Hospital kitchen was a terrific place to start its shared kitchen concept but now the kitchen cooking collective is moving to a permanent location at 14 Business Loop 70 East.

The collective is in the process of building out the new space and is working with an architect to create an improved shared kitchen setup to better meet current needs. CoMo Cooks also is adding a manufacturing section to give local farmers and other chefs a place to begin small-batch production.

The 3,500-square foot space will house CoMo Cooks’ offices in the front, with the remainder of the space being dedicated to the new kitchen. The new location will have room for retail pop-ups, public events and food truck parking.  While work on the property continues, CoMo Cooks will find a temporary location on Walnut to allow clients to continue business without interruption.

Learn more by visiting the CoMo Cooks website.

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