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Belly Market & Rotisserie Adds New Platter to the Menu

By Inside Columbia
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Belly Market & Rotisserie has added something new to the menu.

Last week, Belly Market introduced new rotisserie chicken platters. The idea is to highlight the main dish, rotisserie chicken, with several seasonal sides from local farmers.

You can now purchase a whole rotisserie chicken on its own or try the new platter one of two ways, Middle Eastern or Mid-Western. The Mid-Western platter comes with charred red peppers with garlic confit, a butter bean salad with fresh local tomatoes, stewed greens with tomato broth, lettuce greens and Belly Market’s house barbecue sauce. Then the chicken gets topped with a heavy dusting of Belly Market’s house blend of rotisserie chicken spices.

The Middle Eastern platter comes with a date and walnut broccoli salad, curried red lentils with smoked beets and sumac, turmeric pickles, lettuce greens, basmati rice with cherries and dill, and tzatziki sauce. Then the chicken gets topped with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses, a dusting of za’atar and dried rose petals.

For more information on the new platters, visit Belly Market on social media. 

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