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A New Cozy Café Is Coming to Columbia

By Inside Columbia
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A new Midwestern café is coming to Columbia at the end of February. Sage, a casual dining spot serving coffee, brunch and lunch, is opening in the heart of downtown Columbia.

The new eatery will be located at 11 N. 9th Street offering traditional waffles, an egg and brisket bowl, caramelized pear bread, buttermilk biscuits, cheesy bean toast, savory spinach pie and more.

A recent social media post highlights Tabitha, the chef, who is showcasing locally sourced produce as her passion in creating the menu, emphasizing her focus on “attention to detail and layered flavors.” Another post on social media says the atmosphere will be a cozy and comfortable spot to enjoy a good meal. “Get ready for good vibes, great company and delicious local food. We can’t wait to open our doors and welcome everyone at the end of February,” the post says.

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