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Nourish Cafe & Market Partnering With New Chef

By Inside Columbia
nourish cafe & Market

Nourish Cafe & Market has welcomed a new chef for the fall. According to a post on social media, Nourish has partnered with Chef Lexi Linsenman to bring you locally sourced, organic, nutrient-rich, curated specials throughout autumn.

Chef Linsenman has several delicious additions to the menu, including delicata squash mac n’ cheese with grain-free organic chickpea pasta shells, a local delicata squash, organic grass-fed greek yogurt sauce, local chives and the choice to add local barbecue pulled pork. She is also making an arugula squash salad with local, organic arugula, squash, spiced nuts, cranberries, quark cheese and maple balsamic dressing with the choice of adding balsamic glazed chicken.

Like the collaboration with Chef Gaby Vera Weir over the summer, some proceeds will be donated to the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture. For more information, visit Nourish on social media.

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