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Hear Marvelous Musicians  

By Inside Columbia

This Saturday, Feb., 12, at 7 p.m., enjoy The Juliani Ensemble, an energetic trio of musicians who have played together for almost 20 years and are a performing partner at the Chicago Cultural Center. 

The Juliani Ensemble has delighted Chicago audiences with inventive, energetic chamber music concerts since its inception in 1999. As a performing partner at the Chicago Cultural Center in Preston Bradley Hall, the Juliani Ensemble performed to enthusiastic, appreciative, large audiences at capacity for almost 20 years, building a solid following. 

The ensemble’s next stage of artistic influence is to take that devoted following and perform for them in smaller numbers at intimate venues for a more personal impact.

The musicians at the core of the ensemble are primarily members of the multi-generational Graef family musicians. The joy of watching a musical dynasty work together is enhanced by the charming locations — often historic — which are chosen for the purpose of creating almost-private performances. The Missouri Theatre, where the trio is performing Saturday night, most certainly qualifies! 

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