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Some Bunny To Love

By Inside Columbia

What could be cuter than a pic of your pet with the Easter Bunny? You can have one taken this Sunday at Lizzi & Rocco’s I-70 Drive location between 1 and 4 p.m. Each photo is $10, and proceeds benefit Second Chance. Learn more about the photo event here.

Second Chance was founded in 1985 as a privately-funded organization dedicated to rehoming unwanted animals. Since then, it’s grown into the largest animal rescue organization in mid-Missouri and has helped match countless pets with their perfect families. The organization relies on the support of its foster families, donors and volunteers, which have allowed it to grow and help more and more animals each year. At no point are animals euthanized. Second Chance waits patiently to find just the right person or people to complete their family.  

In 2010, Second Chance moved into a modern 6,000-square foot building on more than 30 acres, just off of I-70. This location allows Second Chance to house some adoptable cats in its spacious Kitty Kondos. All dogs, kittens and any animals requiring extra medical care or socialization are still housed in its dedicated foster homes throughout the local area. Learn more about adoptable pets here. 

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