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True/False Film Festival Announces 2024 Lineup

By Inside Columbia

Thirty-one new feature films, 25 new shorts and three films playing in a retrospective program were announced yesterday on True/False Film Fest’s Facebook page.

This year’s festival theme is The Human Paradox and films range from films like “As the Tide Comes In” about a Danish island struggling to survive due to climate change, to “Daughters,” a film about preparing for a daddy-daughter dance in prison; from “Ibelin” about a young man with a degenerative disease using online games to find friendship, to “Seeking Mavis Beacon,” which premiered at Sundance Film Festival, about Black women in technology and the search for the woman who inspired the famous online typing character.

The festival is Feb. 29 – March 3. For film, pass, ticket or general festival information, visit

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