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Bar Tab Battle

By Inside Columbia

Fieldhouse was in the running for LineLeap’s Bar Tab Battle — and won! The bar will bring home a $5K Bar Tab Event. A few select people also won a $50 LineLeap credit. About the competition: 

Voting started Wednesday, Feb. 16 with 8 bars:

Champs (Penn State)
Sally’s (Minnesota)
Kollege Klub (Wisconsin)
Fieldhouse (Mizzou)
Kilroys (Indiana)
The Bull (Kansas)
Fred’s (LSU)
Southeastern (Auburn)

In the first round Sally’s (Minnesota), Kollege Klub (Wisconsin), Kilroys (Indiana) and Southeastern (Auburn) lost. Fieldhouse (7,678 votes) won against Kollege Klub (6,205 votes). 

In the second round, Fieldhouse (16,660 votes) won against Penn State’s Champs (15,600 votes).

The final round was between Fieldhouse and a bar in Kansas named, funnily enough, Bullwinkles/The Bull. (Fieldhouse’s name was Bullwinkle’s for years.)

Congrats to our local place for beating out the rest of the Field(house)! The date for the Bar Tab event has yet to be announced.

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