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DogMaster Distillery Announces its Closing Next Month

By Inside Columbia
Dogmaster Distillery

In a heartfelt letter to the DogMaster family, the founders of DogMaster Distillery announced their decision to close the establishment at the end of February.

From its origins with two products – vodka and unaged whiskey – DogMaster quickly became a household name for enthusiasts of craft spirits.

The distillery’s commitment extended beyond its doors, actively supporting groups and causes dedicated to making the community a better place for everyone. In the post on Facebook, the founders expressed gratitude for the constant cooperation and support received from the DogMaster community in these efforts.

The DogMaster team invites all patrons, friends and supporters to join them in a final celebration on their last day of business, Feb. 29, to commemorate the legacy they’ve built together.

For further details on the closing celebration, please visit DogMaster on Facebook.

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