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Jaclyn Rogers

What kind of prep work is needed before painting my cabinets?

The most crucial part is to clean thoroughly with a household degreaser. This is important to do before sanding to avoid forcing any surface contaminants further into the wood. Then, sand the surface vigorously with 220-grit sandpaper. This will promote the adhesion of the primer coat and clean the space again to remove any dust and debris created by the sanding process. Afterward, it would be best to prime with oil-based or shellac primer to block any tannin stains that may show through the topcoat.

Jaclyn Rogers

In the information age, it’s tempting to believe that we can accomplish just about anything with a little online guidance and a DIY spirit. But sometimes it’s crucial to have a professional on your side to ensure you aren’t missing steps that could affect the longevity and quality of the project. “A trusted professional may not provide the simple hacks that many people are seeking, but they will offer advice on the correct way to do it,” says Austin Ilsley, co-owner of AI Painting Plus. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of hiring a professional is the peace of mind it provides, especially when working on a project in the heart of your home. “We have a very detailed system when it comes to cabinet painting involving products; we really wouldn’t
recommend DIY’ers using themselves because of their complexity,” Ilsley says. But if you are set on tackling it yourself, Ilsley says the team at Ai Painting will guide you toward products that will help ensure a successful project.

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