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Max Coffin

What are the most common misconceptions people have about cannabis concentrates?

Those who are unfamiliar with cannabis concentrates often wonder if they’re safe. If you buy from a dispensary, concentrates must be third-party tested to ensure we meet the safety
standards of product consumption. The labs test various things, including residual solvents, microbial activity, heavy metals and pesticides. Manufacturers must pass all tests to be able to sell products. Before medical and recreational marijuana, people would be doing home extractions with no way to tell if it is safe to consume, so make sure to get your products at a
dispensary you trust.

Max Coffin
Regional Extraction Manager

When learning about cannabis products, Max Coffin, regional extraction manager at Good Day Farm, says the most important thing is to speak with experts. “With the world of social media, it can be difficult to know what the correct information is to listen to and follow. Especially in the cannabis space where there is not a lot of research and development similar to other industries,” he says. At Good Day Farm, the goal is to find consumers the perfect, yet safe product for their needs. “In the extraction lab, we keep the extracts true to the plant, which means our cannabis derived products are all extracted from in-house flower with no other additives,” he says. Whether you are looking for a new product to try, or learning about cannabis for the first time, Coffin says at Good Day Farm you will find not only true experts in the cannabis industry, but approachable people providing quality cannabis products for Missouri. “Not only are we good people, but we make some dang good cannabis products.”

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