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Elizabeth Wilson

Should I get my hormones checked?

Yes, but you should consider more hormones than you realize! While society has pegged the sex hormones as key to male and female health, it’s important to understand how those hormones interact with others, including insulin, cortisol, thyroid and gut hormones, and how inflammation and blood sugar can affect them, as well as cellular energy function. Understanding
the potential role of every physical input can give patients numerous levers to affect their feelings of well-being and their health trajectory.
Elizabeth Wilson

At Women’s Health Associates, the medical staff is dedicated to taking a personalized approach to each patient. It’s one of the aspects that Dr. Elizabeth Wilson loves about the clinic, especially since it allows her to develop a holistic approach to care. “We really try to approach patients as individuals and do not apply a one size-fits-all approach to prescribing hormone
replacement therapy,” she says. “We try to place hormone replacement therapy in the greater context of overall hormonal and metabolic health.” Wilson credits her drive to find holistic solutions back to her mentor, Dr. William Trumbower, who was ahead of his time in his approach. Trumbower gave Wilson books early in her career showing the difference between bio-identical hormones and the pharmaceutical drugs she had been trained in residency to prescribe. Now, Wilson is able to be part of a team at Women’s Health Associates that cares deeply about best practices and evidence-based medicine. “We view our role as educators, informing patients about their health status and their numerous treatment options,” she says.

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