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Best of Columbia: Missouri Eye Consultants

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Missouri Eye Consultants

Missouri Eye Consultants prides itself on putting the needs of each patient first and foremost.

Chris DeRose, optometrist and one of the owners of Missouri Eye Consultants, says it’s what the business is known for in mid-Missouri. “We do not take any shortcuts with our patients’ needs,” he says.

And winning gold for Best Place to Get Eye Care shows DeRose and his team that the community has noticed that focus and appreciates the staff’s dedication to quality care.

After all, it’s the staff at Missouri Eye Consultants that makes the win even possible. “They are fully committed to the practice’s mission of providing great quality eye care,” DeRose says. “And they are well-trained to never dismiss any concern or any question that the patient possesses.”

Along with winning gold here in Columbia, DeRose says one doctor on staff, Nathan Hesemann, was ranked fifth nationally in American’s Best Eye Doctors by Newsweek Magazine.

“Our practice brings together the ‘three O’s’ of eye care: opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists,” DeRose says. “We can provide everything required for the patient’s complete experience.” That includes everything from contact lenses to treatment of eye conditions and disease, to surgery.

Being that Columbia is known as a regional center for health care, DeRose says it makes a great fit for Missouri Eye Consultants, which operates a central hub in the area for its seven-location practice. And by being locally owned, DeRose says each of the doctors and staff members truly believe “in doing our part as members of the Columbia community.”

As for the win, thank you to “our staff for believing in our system of putting the patient first.”

Missouri Eye Consultants: 500 Keene St., #103; 900 W. Nifong Blvd., #125 • 573-874-2030 •

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